10 Quirky, Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

Most brides-to-be chooses wedding dress that is either lace, tulle, sheer fabric in white, off-white or ecru, with delicate features, a veil, a flowing floor-length skirt and a train. At least that’s how the modern-day bride envisions the quintessential bridal gown these days. But what if the soon-to-be spouse is one who thinks out of the box, and wants to make her wedding trousseau unique or stand out from the rest? Well, she can always go for a tea-length wedding dress for her altar date.

Tea length wedding dresses making  a comeback after being a fad back in the 1950s. In fact, they are expected to become a big trend in the coming season.

What is a tea-length dress?

A tea length dress is defined as any dress that falls above the ankle but below the knee, although other variations are acceptable. The tea-length dress is oftentimes confused with the cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are used for evening affairs where men wear black suits. The tea length dress is made of lighter fabrics and is often more suited for less formal, more casual daytime affairs.

A tea-length wedding dress is stylish, elegant, plus, practical since the bride won’t have to change her attire for the reception. There is no train to think of that you or your guests may accidentally trip over. It’s also an attire that can be flattering to any figure — be it pear-shaped or hourglass. And of course, with a tea length wedding dress you get to show off that signature pair of shoes you are wearing.

1) This one is a true head-turner as the bride’s skirt has her petticoat showing, but the effect makes it seem like there are cute curls hugging her knees. The bride’s figure is still highlighted with the corset like strapless upper bodice, with delicate lace cutting which functions as attaching strap. Vintage-style, the bride’s long legs are also showcased with the knee-length skirt.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

2) The wires on the skirt’s sheer fabric create a quirky effect that’s different, yet worthy of everyone’s attention. The hemline is asymmetrical, with the back portion longer than the front. The unique hat with a similar twirling design completes the total ensemble.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 3 (2)

3) A high collar, a half sleeve, flower buckle and a balloon skirt create that vintage style that most brides love. What makes this dress modern is the deep V-featured back!. The birdcage netting attached to theheadband and the peep toe heels make the bride look like someone from the ‘50s film.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 3 (1)

4) Wow them with this sleeveless tea length wedding dresswith floral lace, a bateau neckline, and tulle skirt. Top it off with a simple chignon hairstyle, or any vintage-inspired coiffeur.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 5 (2)

5) This one would be great for petite or conservative brides, or those who are just too shy to expose their shoulders/arms. The tapered corset-style bodice creates the slimming effect, while the full skirt emphasizes the small hips. The straight front neckline doesn’t show much skin, but the lace fabric presents a faint see-through effect that’s just right. There’s also an open back where the view becomes interesting. A small tiara on a loose chignon or braided hair will make the bride stand out.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 5 (1)

6) For this one, the wedding dress almost falls up to the bride’s ankles, but is still called tea length. Intricate layers of fabric and sequin embellishments make this minimalist outfit one-of-a-kind. Her headpiece is adorned with a large birdcage netting bows and stiff lace ribbons. Accessories and shoes are in gold.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 6

7)  Another quirky but pretty vintage style wedding dress is this one here with scallops. The skirt has layers of fabrics to create the scallop effect, and the sleeves likewise have the scallop design. The bride also put on a simple floral hairpin in her hair. This attire is sweet and dainty looking yet very simple but beautiful in its own way. This is ideal for a garden or outdoor wedding.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 7

8)  Voluptuous or pear-shaped, this dress will hide the flaws. The wraparound style emphasizes the bride’s curves and the ¾ see-through sleeves adds that hint of sexiness without showing off much skin. The tea-length lower portion of the dress is sufficient to lend a tapering effect, adding height to the bride, and lessening the heaviness. The V-neckline and loose hairstyle or bun will complement the sophistication of this cut.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 8

9) This is a very basic sleeveless dress where the inner skirt lining is made longer than the outer skirt. The simple design exudes elegance and class. The head dress becomes the focal point of this charming masterpiece.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 9

10) This Venus-cut dress has oversized ribbons attached from the shoulders down to the waistline. A birdcage net attached to the bow on the bride’s hair acts as a headdress and small veil. Shoes with bows finishes off the total look.

Vintage Tea-Length Wedding Dresses 10

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