10 Ways to be Happy

ways to be happy

How important is it to be happy? While other people strive for wealth, fame or success, others simply just want to be happy.

True happiness doesn’t only give you a sense of contentment and satisfaction, making you feel that you’ve lived a full life. Being happy also contributes to good health and long life.

A team of researchers who compiled and analyzed over 160 studies (on both human and animal subjects) found that happy people are in better health and have longer lives compared to other people who are not as happy. The research findings were published in the journal Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being.

One of the studies analyzed involved 180 nuns from Milwaukee. Evidence pointed out that happier nuns had longer life span than their sadder counterparts. About two-thirds of the lonely nuns died before reaching 85 while the happy ones lived up to 94 years old.

How does happiness contribute to health and longevity? For one, happy people have 32 percent lower stress levels. They also have lower heart rate even after considering factors like BMI, lifestyle, age, smoking and employment level. Happiness can therefore ward off a wide variety of life-threatening diseases.

So if you’re always stressed out or feeling gloomy, it’s a must to work your way towards optimism and happiness. It’s not as difficult as you imagine.

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