10 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

lose belly fat

Belly fat isn’t something that you can just ignore and accept as part of your life. Also called visceral fat, belly fat puts at risk of many serious health problems including heart disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetes. This isn’t something that only overweight people suffer from. Even those who are skinny may have unhealthy belly fat.

Contrary to what you might imagine, belly fat doesn’t just sit there, doing nothing. It’s actually active. It breaks down into fatty acids that are deposited in the liver and muscles. Excess fatty acids in the liver trigger a series of changes including a shoot up in the production of bad cholesterol. Also, this causes insulin to be less effective in keeping the blood sugar level down, making the person more susceptible to diabetes.

Moreover, belly fat also changes the angiotensin. This is the hormone that’s responsible for controlling the constriction of the blood vessels. When this hormone fails to serve its purpose, the result is higher risk of stroke, heart attack and blood pressure.

So what can you do to reduce belly fat? Proper diet is number one of course. Consume less sugar, carbs and fatty food. Up your intake of fiber and protein. Be sure to reduce stress and work out more often too.

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