11 Reasons Travel Makes You a Happier Person


Travelling is beneficial for us all. Not only can it broaden the mind, as the saying goes, but it can also make you a happier person. How can an act of taking a plane or a train to a different location have such power? Well, because of these 11 reasons:

1. Changes things around

Although you might find the ‘same old, same old’ comfortable and safe, it can be bad for your happiness to always have things exactly the same around you. Changes can have a positive effect on the mind, not least because you might feel happier with the safe surroundings after your trip once more.

2. Relaxes the mind and body

Happiness can be hard when a tower of laundry or a giant to do-list is staring at you. But when you travel, you can relax and forget about the bad or stressful things. Having someone to serve you breakfast or give you a massage? Well, if that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.

3. Provides perspective

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what you have around you. But if you travel away from your friends and family or a trusted Internet connection, you might realise that you have hit the jackpot in life. Travelling can make you happier because it gives you perspective on the every day life you live in and show you the people that matter to you the most.

4. Cuts you away from the online world

While travelling doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t connected to the Internet, it can give an excuse for doing so. We spend way too much time on social media sites likes Instagram and Twitter, which means we aren’t focusing on the world around us. When you travel, connecting with the online world might be a bit harder. Even when you could potentially access social media, you should just tell your friends you are travelling and thus taking a break. It’s surprisingly refreshing and can help you feel more focused on the real world things around you.

5. Gives you tons of new friends

We humans are social animals. But making friends isn’t always easy and meeting new people can be a struggle. But when you are travelling, all this changes. You can meet new people as you take tours and stay in hotels and holiday resorts. You might even get to know exciting people on the train or plane.

6. Educates you on new things

Knowledge is power. Learning about new cultures and their practices can be fun. When you travel, you don’t just open yourself to new experiences, you also gain knowledge. It can make life a lot easier because you realise there are different ways of doing things.

7. Gives us something to look forward to

Travel generally requires a bit of planning, which gives you something to focus on and to look forward to. Even when you feel stressed or sad, you can find happiness in thinking about the upcoming trip. Just planning for a holiday can help you feel happier.

8. Makes you more interesting

You can give yourself plenty of new experiences through travelling, which are great for making you more interesting. If you find it hard to keep up a conversation or your friends find you a bore at times, go on a trip and come back with exciting stories and experiences.

9. Boosts your confidence

Travelling can help you build up self-confidence, which in turn can make you happier. When you are out there, experiencing the world on your own, you need to be able to get through tricky situations and get used to new experiences. Having to do this will boost your confidence – you notice that you can actually do it.

10. Provides you with better health

If your body is doing well, your mind is happier as well. Travelling is a great way to give your health a boost – you might be more active or you’ll spend more time in the sunlight, getting more Vitamin D. Even fresh air can be better for someone who spends most of his or her time indoors in a city environment.

11. The effects stay with you for a long-time

The above boosts to mood are not just a short-term burst of happiness. You don’t just stay happy while you are away for the week, you’ll stay happier for months! The energy you get from relaxing for a week and the new friends and memories you make will keep you smiling even after you return to your chores.

Travelling isn’t even as difficult or costly as you might think. You can start by checking out travel destinations and options in your home country. Take guided tours or holidays if you’ve never been abroad before to make the trip hassle-free. Save money by shopping around and using travel vouchers from OZCodes.com.au. With the help of vouchers, you don’t need to spend a fortune, yet you can still enjoy from a relaxing and luxurious holiday. So, if you are looking for a burst of happiness, pick a destination and get packing!