4 Ideas for Amazing Self-Build Homes

4 Ideas for Amazing Self-Build Homes

Building your own home can be one of the most challenging yet fulfilling projects you’ll ever undertake, as you’ll be able to look at the place you come home to everyday and be reminded that you built it with your own innovation and hard work. However, with that responsibility comes the burden of a lot of design decisions that will need to be made before you can call your self-built house a home. While there’s plenty of educational material online that can teach you how to build the main structure of a house, there are a lot of finishing touches that often go overlooked until later on. If you’re in the process of finishing up a building project and are looking for ways to add the finishing touches, consider the following four ideas to make your self-built home even more amazing.

1. Lay Down an Easy Pave Patio

Who wants to go into their huge backyard and look back on their self-built home with nothing else to complete a picturesque scene? Give yourself and your guests a place to relax and enjoy the view of your new home by installing a self-built patio using Easy Pave slabs. While conventional paving techniques typically require expensive equipment and expertise, paving slabs can be used by the do-it-yourselfer to achieve amazing results with very little hassle. Consider laying down stepping stones or a walkway as well for added convenience and flair.

2. Attach a Deck to the Exterior

If a patio isn’t your thing, or if you’d rather set the patio in the front yard, consider adding a deck to the backyard along the home’s exterior. While this project can be somewhat costly in terms of the money spent on lumber and tools, you can invest in it gradually and do the work in your spare time. Even if it takes you all summer to get the materials needed to make it happen, at the end of the summer you’ll be looking at an awesome self-built deck that you’ll be able to use for outdoor cookouts and family fun for years to come.

3. Build a Custom Swimming Pool

Having an in-ground swimming pool installed in your backyard can be a costly addition to any home. If your home is self-built, why not go the same route with the swimming pool to save yourself the extra money that would be put towards labour. Be prepared to apply for a building permit and rent a digging tractor. You may need to bring a plumber in for a small portion of the job, but the rest of the building can be handled independently. If an entire swimming pool seems like too much of a commitment, try starting with an in-ground hot tub instead. Fortunately, there plenty of guides online that will teach you how to self-build a swimming pool.

4. Add a Solarium or Sunroom

Solariums and sunrooms can improve your overall wellbeing and lower your electricity bill by letting more natural sunlight into the home. Many people use these rooms to tan while indoors or to house a small garden of indoor plants. When building a solarium or sunroom, be sure to take the necessary safety precautions, as you’ll be dealing with large segments of breakable glass. Don’t worry too much though, as you should be just fine as long as you choose a good building tutorial to follow.

Finally, regardless of which one of the awesome additions you choose for your self-built home, be sure to thoroughly research the project beforehand by watching several tutorial videos and reading any applicable guides or educational information. After all, even though you’re doing the projects yourself, you’ll still want to operate with the proficiency and precaution of a professional.