8 Must Haves for your First Apartment

8 Must Haves for your First Apartment

Living alone is the stepping stone for any young adult in which it signifies his/her preparation for independency. And for you, moving into your “new” home is a big deal. It is a huge difference in comparison to the comfortability your old one provides. You will be out of your element once you are out there in real life but you can always come back to that apartment as your personal haven. Because this apartment is yours and it is a place to call your own. What better way to do that is by designing it to suit your preference, am I right?

And your first task in being an adult is to christen your apartment with little things, making sure you put tiny bits of your character into your now-called home and putting all together (of course) is the most exciting part! So to help you get started, here are 8 must have items to design your very first apartment!

  1. Artwork

Any kind of artwork that best reflects your personality can make all the difference in terms of design and giving your apartment its character. Just remember that you don’t have to spend so much for this. I mean, you can do all of this just by being you. Why buy when you can make one of your own original artwork? And once you have every art piece on the wall, creative framing is all it takes for it to look great.

  1. Mail Box

No not the kind that you see on your lawn. Just an ordinary mailbox will make do since you need to organize all that letters and you might as well create a group of small box shelves that lets you keep track of all the mails you receive and label them in you preference – letters from home, work or school school, bills and etc.

  1. Carpet

The WELCOME rug or the GO AWAY carpet is a must for every doorstep! No doorstep should be left alone without it. And you know you can always clean this as easily as cleaning clothes, so it isn’t much of a hassle. Just a quick soak in a vinegar and water mixture is a good technique to carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast which is highly effective.

  1. Comfy Couch

A couch to welcome your guests with (or not), and maybe for you yourself to rest in. Of course in all its practicality, having a sofa is a must-have. Its use as a multipurpose furniture is consistent for any apartment. It even saves you a lot of floor space if you have a multifunctional piece of furniture since you no longer have to buy a bed if you already have a sofa.

  1. Bookshelves

If you are a college student, then bookshelves are indeed a must. You will need a storage area where you can place your notebooks, reference books, and other textbooks. And like any other storage space, it also saves up room space for your apartment. You can display some of your

  1. Key Bowl or Key Holder

Key bowl is often overlooked as a must-have item and now you are wondering why you have a hard time finding your keys? So to avoid misplacing them, you might reconsider getting a key holder or a key bowl, then. Just to avoid forgetting where you placed your keys or other small trinkets, it is advisable to have it place where it is highly visible.

  1. A Plant

If Tom Hanks had Wilson the Volleyball (not that I’m referring to your situation as being stranded on an island a bad thing) then what could be more perfect than to have a plant in your apartment. A cactus is usually a housewarming tradition given by a friend or a family but hey you can always have more than two plants right? It will give more color and breathe life into your apartment.

  1. Extension Chords

This is for real! There are apartments who lack in plugs and electrical sockets. Plus, some sockets aren’t reachable. So you will need at least a good set of extension cords. This will probably save you in one or more occasions, trust me!

Image Source: pinterest.com