Braided Side Bun Tutorial for Pure Style

Braided Side Bun Tutorial

In ancient times, braids were more than just a hairstyle. They were used to reflect a woman’s social standing such as if she were single or married, or of age of courtship. Some braids even denote mourning or grieving for the dead.

Nowadays, braids are the go-to hairstyle for women on the go, those who don’t have time to struggle with the flat iron, but only have a few minutes to intertwine their hair, and look great. It’s also a good idea whenever you’re having a bad hair day, when your tresses are being more stubborn than usual and just wouldn’t cooperate.

The braided side bun is one of the most popular types of braids that you’ll commonly see worn by Hollywood celebrities, whether during casual day-outs or formal red carpet events.

Braided Side Bun Tutorial

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