Contemporary Residence – Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos

Contemporary Residence - Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos

Many homeowners wish to have a big outdoor space where they can enjoy scenic views but at the same time, would like to maintain privacy in their home. But how can it be private if it’s outdoor, right?

Actually, it is possible. The solution is to build a courtyard house. A courtyard is an enclosed area that is open to the sky. And a courtyard house is a kind of residence where the main part of the structure is built around a central courtyard.

This is the best way to enjoy private outdoor space in your home. It’s the ultimate outdoor oasis that doesn’t require you to sacrifice privacy or security. When you’re in this part of your home, it’s like you’re both indoor and outdoor. You get to soak up the wonderful warmth of the sun, enjoy lush greens, and breathe in fresh air without actually having to get out of the house.

The first courtyard house was built in 6400 to 6000 BC in the central part of Jordan Valley. Recently, it has made a comeback and we don’t have to wonder why. Apart from the perks of having a private outdoor space, a courtyard also improves the aesthetic value of the home and encourages proper ventilation within the area.

Courtyards work with most styles of home. Whether you have a traditional or modern style home, you can have one built and enjoy its many benefits. It’s more common in warmer locations since this can induce airflow.

Here’s one example of a beautiful courtyard house. Designed and built by UNA Arquitetos in 2012, Bacopari is a modern courtyard house nestled in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The primary material used in building this home is glass.

The designers wanted the house to have an open-air feel to enable the occupants experience what it’s like to live with nature. At the same time, they wanted them to enjoy the lush natural surroundings even when indoors.

After all, the house was built in an area with abundant trees and vegetation. It’s only right to take advantage of this by maximizing the beautiful views. As you might have noticed, most modern homes are built in locations with breathtaking views. It’s no longer the norm to build a house in a flat vicinity surrounded by other houses.

Of course, the focal point of this residence is the large courtyard in the middle. Tall trees towering up to 8 meters high were placed in this indoor garden oasis. It also has a second courtyard, which has more gardens, swimming pool and playroom.

Contemporary Residence – Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos