Cool Roll-It Experimental Housing

Cool Roll-It Experimental Housing

Can you imagine living in a cylinder? Some of the folks over at the University of Karlsruhe have certainly given it a thought.

The Roll-It is an experimental house that’s a product of a collaboration among different institutes in the University of Karlsruhe. It has a cylindrical design that makes it unique as house structure. This modular prototype is meant to provide flexibility of space within a very small housing unit.

There are three sections inside this house that are designed to fulfill three basic functions and these are the bed and table, an exercise cylinder, and a toilet and a kitchen with sink.

The working space converts into a sleeping area. The mattress is secured with Velcro while the blankets, linen, clothing and pillows are tucked out of sight in a storage underneath.

The “wet zone” is where nature’s calls are answered, and where the cooking and food preparation take place. The sink is embedded into the paneling. The toilet is hinged so it means that it cannot be turned upside down, which is a very smart idea as this can help avoid unpleasant accidents.

The unit is covered with an outer shell that has four support rings over a rigid inner shell. There is a translucent membrane that wraps around the whole structure. This serves as a space for sponsor advertisements. The membrane contains thin wooden slats to form the roll’s running surface.

The interior meanwhile is made with laminated OSB panels. Each of these panels measures 15 mm thick. These are designed to cover the support rings. Light enters through the circular openings in the side walls and the large entrance hole so that there’s no more need to turn on the lights during daytime. This is in support of the unit’s eco-friendly feature.

The people behind this one-of-a-kind housing structure are Christian Zwick and Konstantin Jerabek. They came up with this idea while they were working on a project that “explored the concept of mobile and space-efficient constructions”.

This may not be the most comfortable housing solution but it certainly does offer something new and innovative. It can also spark inspiration for other people who wish to build their homes but are hindered by the lack of space.

Cool Roll-It Experimental Housing