Create a Chic Place to Entertain in Your Garden – Whatever the Weather

Create a Chic Place to Entertain in Your Garden – Whatever the Weather

When you want to kick back with your friends and enjoy some food, wine and good conversation, it is always nice to be able to do it in your garden. Something about being outside of the main house just makes everybody feel more relaxed and informal, and there is no temptation to stick a movie on and sit in silence! Of course, that is all well and good when the weather is fine and dry, but at some times of the year or if a sudden storm hits, you are restricted to entertaining in your living room or dining room, right? Well, not necessarily. A new trend in garden design sees people setting up whole actual rooms in space in their gardens, and these awesome outdoor rooms make for the perfect place to entertain.

What is a Garden Room?

While the obvious answer is ‘it’s a room in your garden’, you are probably wondering exactly what sort of construct we are talking about when we talk about outdoor rooms. While the style and design varies according to your garden rooms provider, they are essentially pre-built structures that create a fully enclosed room anywhere you like on your land (assuming it is suitable to build on).  A lot of them have a cute ‘cabin’ style look, but there are all kinds of designs you can choose from in various sizes. People use them as external rooms for things like a home gym, an art and craft studio, a home cinema, a playroom for kids, or just a normal extra living space – and it is the latter which makes them so perfect for entertaining.

Everything You Need for Entertaining in All Weather

The garden room really makes for a great way to make the most of the space in your garden all year round. It is covered and fully enclosed, and you can also have it supplied with power and heating, so you’ll be warm and lit however you want, and can also play music or even have things like games consoles ready to play in there. In summer, it makes a nice place to arrange food and drinks if people are enjoying themselves outside, to avoid attracting wasps and ants, and also makes a good place for people to settle down once the sun goes down and it starts to get cooler. In autumn and winter, you have a warm, cosy place to relax and really enjoy the season, while still making use of your garden.

Great When You’re Not Entertaining Too

A garden room is also a wonderful place to enjoy your garden when you don’t have people over – a great place to read and relax, or even to work. You can decorate the inside in your own style and have a wonderful extra room with so many uses!

Garden rooms are a trend for good reason, and if you have some space in your garden you’d like to put to better use, they are well worth considering.

Image Source: @ initstudios.