Creative Door Idea for Tropical House

Creative Door Idea for Tropical House

Let’s talk about doors. Most people buy a door, install it and use it as it is. That’s it. The whole process is devoid of any creativity and imagination. But this need not be.

In order to create a unique interior design for your home, you also need to consider decorating other features that are usually overlooked such as the door. Turning it into a DIY project is sure to add a distinct personality and touch to this functional architectural feature. At the same time, it can jazz up the whole space. In fact, you can streamline your door design to that of the entire room to give it a harmonious feel. The door can even be turned into the room’s focal point.

There are many ways to decorate your door—paint them with bright colors, use contrasting color motif, adhere modern wallpaper patterns, stick fancy decals and many more. As with other parts of the house, color is also an important consideration when thinking of a design for your door.

There’s a lot of beautiful, fancy, crazy, and imaginative ideas for interior door decoration. The one in the photo above is taken from a house located in Kenya, Africa. The house is designed by renowned interior decorator Marzia Chierichetti who took up art and interior design studies in Milan and got into jewelry designing projects before returning to Kenya to work full time as a home decorator.

Her stunning creation is this cozy retreat nestled among coconut palm trees and sand dunes, sitting right in front of the beautiful Indian Ocean. She took inspiration from the beauteous surroundings, letting her imagination run wild. She was able to create this magnificent sanctuary notable for its tranquil space, flowing lines, open elements and fresh air.

And one of the best features of this house is the main entrance door, which opens like a swivel, unlike other typical doors that open on one side. The thick slab of wood used for the door is also a sight to behold. But this isn’t the only thing notable about this house. Go to the post below for a virtual tour. You’ll see that every part of this home is well-conceptualized and beautifully designed.

As for the doors, there are plenty other ideas online that you can check out. Choose something that best fits not only the look of your home but also your personality and taste. Enjoy!

Creative Door Idea for Tropical House