Creative Photo Lamp with Inserts

Creative Photo Lamp with Inserts

These lamps with photo inserts also called glowing photo spheres are a great way to jazz up the look of your home, make it cozier and give it a personalized touch. These are also a wonderful way to display all those photos that you haven’t found any use for since you have already filled up your scrapbooks and your walls are already packed with picture frames.

And because it’s not labor intensive, you don’t need to be a DIY superstar to turn ordinary paper lanterns into these fabulous photo spheres. Of course, the first thing that you have to do is to gather all the materials needed like the photos that you want to display, printer, 11 x 17 copy paper, 12 inch paper lantern, gel medium, sponge brush, tape, Xacto knife, cutting surface and sphere template.

Step 1 – Get the right size. Measure the area that you want to use so you will know what sizes to print for the images. The author suggests printing four 11 x 17 inch photos to wrap around the 12-inch lantern.

Step 2 – Print the photos. You can use Photoshop or whatever photo editing program you’re comfortable with to print the pictures on regular copy paper. Although you can use photo paper, copy paper is easier to wrap around the lantern. If you’re going to use photo paper, just add more glue so that it will adhere better.

Step 3 – Cut, cut and cut. Make vertical slits on the photos to make wrapping around the lantern easier. Cut straight vertical lines along the photos, leaving the center as is.

Step 4 – Stick it down. Put glue medium on the backside of the photos and stick them down into place.

Step 5 – Hide the corners of the photos over the inside edge of the sphere. Use glue to secure the edges and to prevent them from unfolding.

Step 6 – Seal it up. Brush a thin layer of gel medium on the photos to finish off the look of your lantern. This will also effectively smooth any cracks or crinkles.

Step 7 – Dry it completely. Make sure that the lantern is completely dry before you hang it. This can take an hour or two.

Step 8 – Hang the lamp! This is the final step before you can marvel at your creation. Be sure to closely follow directions for connecting lamp to bulb and socket.

Have fun!

Creative Photo Lamp with Inserts