Creative Prefab Construction in Queensland, Australia

Creative Prefab Construction

With Queenslanders, it’s all about maintaining street appearance. A loosely used term, “Queenslander” refers to homes sporting a prim and decorative look out front, with a veranda and a central door among the distinct elements.

Many of today’s Queenslanders are undergoing modern renovations, which, interestingly enough, almost always revolvearound the house’s rear. So while their “faces” stay dressed up, the back of the houses see dramatic changes.

Take this Shutter House renovation by the husband-and-wife duo behind Baber Studio. The homeowner asked Kim and Monique Baber to build a new deck and kitchen at the back of the 1920s-era house while also providing shelter from the sun and allowing views of western ranges and Mount Coot-tha.

The house’s back wall was peeled off to open up the interior and make way for an exterior room. The hybrid space has narrow and pencil-rounded blackbutt boards next to the home’s original pine flooring.

Operable shutter windows were installed in the veranda as protection from sun, wind, rain and yes even neighbors’ eyes. The openings are modulated and fine-tuned and complemented by vertical timber and closed-cell polycarbonate strips. There aren’t any overhangs, so views can be enjoyed from deck floor’s edge.

The deck actually features angled viewing platforms with bench seats beside the openings so occupants can take in the sights comfortably and leisurely. There are also red cedar boards, an exterior staircase incorporated into the interior, a series of casement windows mounted on the walls using exposed studs, and a lovely window seat.

Across the deck is the kitchen. From beautifully crafted joinery components and smooth brush box timbers to a skylightat the ceiling and a picture window by the sink, the kitchen successfully fuses comfort and aesthetics. The bulkhead includes a panel painted in salmon pink, refracting warmly colored light throughout the space.

The bathroom has its own skylight too, making it possible for the clients to bathe while basking in the sunlight.

Besides the shutters, there is an adjacent casement opening that allows for easy communication and socialization with neighbors. So if they ever need to call out to friends from next door, they can do so in a breeze.

Located on a 300-square-meter site, the Shutter House sits close to its neighbors on both sides. The informal backyard has eclectic sheds and a stretch of vegetable patches, which is very much part of the jungle-like growth Brisbane is known for.

Thanks to this thoughtful renovation, Baber Studio was able to modernize the rear of the Shutter House without compromising its modest proportions and charm.

Creative Prefab Construction in Queensland, Australia