Do You Eat Wax Coated Noodles

noodle warning

UPDATE: We are reading conflicting views on this story and apparently someone ate the packaging which sparked rumors. We are not entirely sure what the truth is, but we will be sure to update you when we do.

How often do you eat instant noodles? Once or twice a week? Or so many times you’ve already lost count? Here’s some bad news for you: instant noodles are harmful to your health. According to some internet sites, this convenient food can increase the risk of hypertension, stroke, heart disease and kidney damage. As if those are not enough to raise a red flag, you also have to know that the wax coating that holds the noodles together can cause cancer.

Even though more and more people are aware of the negative effects of this food item to health, it’s still doing great commercially. In fact, there has been an increase in the sales of instant noodle companies by almost 40 percent in the recent decade.

This highly processed food deserves to be called junk food. After all, it doesn’t have any nutritive value. Each serving is packed with too much carbs, sodium, and food additives. There are no fiber, vitamins or minerals.

Instead of eating instant noodles or other processed foods, it’s always safer to go for natural and homemade food items. Make your own noodle dish. It’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you think. You’ll be doing your health a huge favor.

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