Don’t Get into a Cycle of Feeling Guilt if You Allow Yourself to Indulge Once in a While.

Don’t get into a cycle of feeling guilt if you allow yourself to indulge once in a while.

Having a cheat day doesn’t mean you have failed in your attempt to lose weight. In fact, it can even help you in your weight loss program so there’s absolutely no need to feel guilt or remorse.

So what exactly is “cheat day”?

To someone who doesn’t know better, it sounds like a day when you can stuff yourself with every food that’s banned from your diet. Not really.

It’s more like this–designate a certain day (weekend is usually ideal since you’re more likely to go out during this time), and give yourself a little treat–a reward for doing so well the entire week. It can be a little cupcake that you’ve been craving for or that chocolate bar you’ve stashed behind the cupboard waiting for this perfect moment.

Having a cheat day doesn’t only reduce the risk of binge eating, it also ups your motivation for sticking to your healthy diet!

Don’t Feel Guilty

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