Fear and Weight Loss

Fear and Weight Loss

One of the biggest hurdles to successful and permanent weight loss is fear. Fear can affect your weight loss program in different ways, and the result is always the same–you can’t get to your goals because fear is holding you back.

Do the following circumstances sound familiar to you?

Fear of failure

Many people won’t embark on a weight loss program (and some would stop halfway through) because they fear that they’re only going to fail. So that they won’t fail, they would stop trying. But having that kind of mindset would get you nowhere. It’s time to delete the word “fail” from your vocabulary, and believe in only one thing: success.

Fear of regaining weight

There are those who have already achieved their weight loss goals only to gain back the unwanted pounds a few weeks or months later. And as you can imagine, this can be very frustrating. To save themselves from the hurt and frustration, they won’t attempt to lose weight again, since they think those pounds they’ve worked hard to drop would only return no matter what. That’s not true at all. It is possible to maintain the ideal weight with continuous exercise and a healthy diet. Consulting a fitness professional is always a smart move.

Fear of the unknown

For people who have been overweight their entire lives, being on the other side of the fence can be scary. They might have grown so accustomed to their excess weight that they might have an irrational fear that they might not like what is out for them once they become skinnier. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that things can only get better from here. A proper weight would mean all sorts of perks, top of which is better health.

Stop letting fear rule your life. Stop letting fear keep you from getting that figure that you’ve always wanted.

Fear and Weight Loss

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