Get Strong or Get Miserable

Get Strong or Get Miserable

Being physically tough is one thing. Being emotionally strong is another. Some people confuse these two. Many see physical strength as the only type of strength when there are actually various types.

Even if you’re gifted with muscular strength, it doesn’t give you complete advantage over other people. You may be able to carry heavy loads or endure long hours of physical labor but when challenging circumstances come, you might find yourself incapable of overcoming the stress and difficulty, while other would simply breeze by.

That’s where emotional strength comes in. It means having the ability to focus and perform well even in unfavorable conditions. It means having the grace and composure to endure stressful situations. It means not breaking down in moments of despair and problems.

And contrary to popular belief, being tough isn’t something entirely inborn. Sure, there are people who are born tough, but there are also those who have toughen up over time because of the hardships they have experienced. Emotional toughness can be cultivated, and therefore can be considered a skill. Cultivating this skill requires will, focus, and patience.

When you face a problem, you have two choices: be miserable or be strong. And as the quote goes, “…the amount of work is the same” but take note, the results are different.

If you don’t fight, if you surrender to your problem, if you fall into desperation, you inevitably lose. But if you toughen up and face your demons, you have a much greater chance of winning.

Toughening up even if you fail in the end still makes you a winner since you’re now equipped with emotional strength that you can use to face life’s next challenges.

Get Strong or Get Miserable

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