Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

curry leaves

Curry leaves are used in Indian cuisine all the time. But they’re also popular in other parts of the world. In Germany, they’re called “curryblatter.” In Spain, “hoja”. In France, “feuilles de cari”.

Apart from adding flavor and zest to your favorite Indian dishes, curry leaves are also used for their medicinal properties. As a herbal treatment, these are used for treating a variety  ailments like nausea, diabetes, kidney disorders and many more. Curry leaves contain protein, vitamin C, iron and phosphorus.

One of the most popular uses of these herbal leaves is for treating digestive problems. The substances in the leaves promote proper digestion by stimulating the enzymes to break down food more efficiently.

Curry leaves are also effective in treating bruises, skin eruptions, insect bites and burns. These can tone down the swelling in the affected area. The roots of the curry plant meanwhile can be made into juice and used as treatment for kidney ailments.

For those worried about their physical looks, curry leaves can help prevent gray hairs. The leaves have chemical properties that nourish the roots of the hair, encouraging proper pigmentation.

Cook dishes that use curry leaves as an ingredient more often. Or make an herbal concoction by boiling curry leaves in a pot of water, adding drops of honey or lemon juice.

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