Health Benefits of Cucumbers

cucumber benefits

Did you know that cucumber is the world’s fourth most cultivated vegetable? It’s also one of the healthiest superfoods that we should definitely eat more of!

So what’s so good about this long and dark green veggie?

One, it keeps the body hydrated. If you’re not following the eight-glasses-of-water-a-day rule, don’t wait until you get sick before you do something about it. Supplement with a whole cucumber a day, which as you know is 90 percent water. Sounds good, right?

Two, a cucumber can combat heat, both internally and externally. On the outside, applying cucumber juice on your skin will effectively cool it off and even alleviate stinging pain from sunburn. On the inside, cucumber can help relieve heartburn.

Three, this vegetable is an excellent tool for detoxification. It sweeps away toxins and waste products, and takes them out of the body before they can inflict serious harm on your health. Plus, cucumbers also dissolve stone formations inside the kidney.

These are just three of the cucumber’s many benefits. If you check out the infographic above, you’ll find more. It goes without saying that we should all eat cucumbers more often. Add them into your salad or soup! You can also broil, braise, sautee, steam or even bake cucumbers. Of course, you can pickle them or eat them raw too. The possibilities are countless!

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