Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

oil pulling

Oil pulling is a simple, natural and cost-effective way to get rid of disease-causing bacteria inside the mouth. This procedure, which involves gargling of special oils, is discussed in the Chakara Samhita, an Ayurvedic text.

According to this text, oil pulling which is referred to as “Kavala Gandusha” or “Kavala Graha” can treat up to 30 types of systemic ailments including migraine, asthma, and diabetes among many others. It can also ward off arthritis, blood disorders, stomach ulcers, eczema, liver disease and thrombosis. It’s therefore an efficient way to restore and maintain physical health.

So how does it work?

Experts explain that the healing process happens when the oil moves vigorously around the oral cavity, since many chronic diseases are caused by bacteria that stick to the roots of the teeth. For example, if you’re going to gargle sunflower oil inside your mouth, the vitamins and minerals of this oil will be absorbed by the mucous membranes, which in turn would absorb the toxins and flush them out of your body before they inflict serious harm to your health.

If you haven’t tried oil pulling yet, now is the perfect time to do so. You’ll notice great improvement in your health, as your immune defense will be stronger.

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