Hints & Tips for Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep – Hints & Tips

It’s obvious when you’re not getting enough sleep as it shows on your face–eye bags, skin sags, fine lines, and lack of glow. This is why, beauty experts always emphasize on the importance of beauty sleep.

Unlike the mystical fountain of youth, beauty sleep is not a myth. It’s real! Sleep deprivation causes blood vessel dilation, which in turn causes dark circles to appear around the eyes. It also means higher stress levels, which make you look more tired, sadder, and older.

It’s even worse if you’re not getting enough sleep, and on top of that, you’re drinking and smoking too. Keep up with this routine, and you’ll certainly look 10 years older in no time.

Sleep is crucial not only for beauty but also for overall health. Remember, sleep is the time that your body is able to rest, relax, recharge and recuperate!

Beauty Sleep – Hints & Tips

Image Source: bebeautiful-beautyblog.com