Hosting an 18th Birthday Party: What Food and Drink Should You Buy?

Hosting an 18th Birthday Party What Food and Drink Should You Buy

An 18th birthday party is a big event for any teenager. It’s their opportunity to be in the spotlight, show off to all their friends, and (depending on whereabouts in the world you live) enjoy a few alcoholic drinks legally. If you are hosting the party, you have a lot to think about, not least any concerns you might have that several hundred teenagers could show up in the event someone posts an invite on Facebook. But first things first, what sort of food and drink should you buy for the big event?

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Choose a Party Theme

Party themes are fun. They help to bring a party together by creating a sense of cohesion. Guests can dress to fit the theme and any food and drink you buy should reflect the theme. So before you go shopping, think about what theme your son or daughter will like – and for safety’s sake, ask for their opinions (just in case they hate the theme you think up). Once you have something in mind, you can cater accordingly.

Alcohol vs. Non Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you serve alcoholic drinks is a personal decision. If serving alcohol to 18 year olds is illegal in your state or country, then the decision is out of your hands, but if it isn’t give the matter some thought. If you don’t serve alcohol, some of the guests will probably smuggle it in anyway, so really you are better off keeping things above board so you can control who drink’s what.

Low alcohol beer and punch is a good starting place. Alternatively have fun mixing cocktails for guests. You can even hire a designer bar from a company such as Liquid Chefs, who will serve the drinks on your behalf. You should also provide a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for anyone below the legal age or who prefers not to drink. Fresh fruit juices, fizzy drinks, water, etc., are all good. Mocktails are also a nice touch, so any non-drinking guests don’t feel left out.

Tasty Food and Snacks

Food and snacks are just as important as drink. Guests need to eat, especially if they are drinking alcohol, so a selection of tasty snacks should help to keep the stomachs lined and any worst excesses at bay.

The best food is any food guests can help themselves to. A buffet is easy to provide and relatively inexpensive if you have the time and energy to cater for it yourself. Simple snacks such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes and crisps will go down well, but if the weather is good, consider having an outdoor BBQ and dish up hot food. And if you can’t afford to provide lots of food, ask friends and relatives to bring a dish or chip in with the cost.

Inexpensive food and drink can easily be picked up from wholesale outlets. Here you can buy in bulk and enjoy super low prices. It is also worth buying frozen food in advance so you can spread the cost before the big day.