How to Lose Weight without Exercise?


Losing weight without heavy exercise sounds like a dream, but it is surely not! If your BMI (Body Mass Index) says that your weight has already crossed the overweight range and entered the stage of obesity then it is more likely that you will have to use low impact weight loss techniques to lose weight without indulging in heavy workout. Another reason why people look out for easy weight loss techniques is due to the laziness, time constraint, or just because they don’t like exercising.

You can have your own reason to avoid heavy workout for weight loss, but the solution remains the same. Here are few easy alternatives to exercise that can be used to make your weighing machine go few pounds down.

Low Calorie Diet

This is one of the trusted ways to lose weight other than the workout. Here you will control your calorie intake to create a calorie deficit that will ultimately result into weight loss. The whole idea is to consume less calories than what your body needs based on your body structure, metabolism, and activity level. Whatever deficit you create would be consumed from your fat store. Though this is an age old technique, you will have to go gentle on it to avoid nutrition deficit. Talk to your doctor about the supplements you need to take while on diet for healthy weight loss.

Take More Fluids

Fluids are important for your body to flush out toxins effectively. Again our body has a tendency to retain water when it doesn’t get enough water. Take fruit juices, green tea, coconut water, or plain water in enough quantity to remove toxins and avoid bloating.

Probiotics May Help

Healthy gut has a major role to play in maintaining your health. Probiotics aid digestion and optimum nutrition absorption. The food is broken down by probiotics to ensure proper digestion. It would keep your bowel clean. Regular consumption of probiotics is found to be good choice for flat belly.

A Small Walk Goes a Long Way

Walking is the form of low impact exercise. Those who are not able to indulge into heavy workout or exercise regime due to some medical issues or excess weight can also take a small walk whenever they get time. Walking keeps you stress free. It keeps you happy and checks binging on food. It is also good metabolism booster. Though walking would not give you miraculous results in terms of weight loss, you will lose belly fat and waistline fat with regular 30 minutes of walk. Endorphins, the happy hormones are released when you take a walk. This will make your goals more achievable.

Maintain a Diary

All of the above methods give slow result and little deviation would end up ruining what you achieved, hence it is better to maintain a diary. Note whatever you did to go near your goal and also make a note of deviations so that you know where you are going wrong and the ways to rectify the same.

Weight loss is possible in many ways other than exercise, provided you begin somewhere and put in dedicated efforts.

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