How to Take Care of Your Lawn During the Winter

How to Take Care of Your Lawn During the Winter

During the winter months, a common theme creates difficulty for all green fingered gardeners out there, how to keep your garden looking in tip top condition under all the rain, frost and the occasional traces of snow which can be found on those dull winter mornings. Luckily for you, there are some shortcuts which can keep your garden the envy of your neighbours through the dark days.

Constant Care

For those who want an all year round lawn which is the envy of their neighbours, there are some golden rules to follow, which may seem odd but are fundamental to a year round greenery in your garden. Keeping the lawn free from debris; the small twigs, leaves and pesky animals burying their winter snack is essential. The basic rules of summer still apply to the winter. It requires even more care and attention during the winter than it does in the summer, as it is placed under more strain to keep up the look you’ve worked so hard to maintain all summer.

Winter Damage;

Damage to the lawn that you spent all summer taking care of and maintaining requires constant and daily attention, perhaps more so than during the summer months. The strain placed on the turf with the extreme weather, falling debris and Britain’s unpredictable weather patterns can make it exceedingly difficult. It is important to remember that for all the work you have put in over the summer keeping your garden to its best, even the smallest lapse could damage it beyond repair for next summer.

The Alternatives

Despite the fact even if your garden is damaged over winter it can be saved, this is a long and potentially expensive process which could result in the lawn needing a total reseeding. There is however a far simpler alternative. Over the years great advances have been made to make artificial lawns look more authentic and like the genuine turf which make it much simpler to maintain that lush, green garden you’ve spent years striving for. By laying artificial grass, such as that sold by Grono, which requires experts to lay and give advice for maintenance, it allows you to much more simply keep your garden looking fantastic all year round. By taking your attention away from your lawn, it allows you to focus on the flower beds and hanging basket which surrounds your garden. By coupling your artificial lawn with a wide array of brightly coloured winter bedding plants, it can keep your garden from mirroring the dark doldrums and make it a ray of light during the winter months.

There are ways to keep your lawn looking good over winter, which cannot be questioned. But with the shorter days, trying to balance your time away from the garden and time in the garden can become incredibly difficult. Artificial lawns present a real alternative, which requires much less time spent on maintenance and will allow you to keep your garden green all year.

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