Learn To Love Working Out

Learn To Love Working Out

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and benefits include improved body image, improved mood, decreased anxiety and depression, increased energy, improved cardio-vascular health, and weight management. Yet, those life-affirming benefits are lost when you see exercise as a chore and not as an enjoyable activity. If you dread your workouts or have a difficult time prioritizing exercise in your life, here are five tips for developing a more loving relationship with fitness.

Be Present

Change isn’t just something that happens in the future. Change is active and the results you seek are happening during each workout. Practice visualization or meditation during your workout to stay present. Be conscious of the body parts you’re using and visualize them becoming stronger and/or thinner. You don’t want to merely endure your workout, you want to enjoy the process. Stay present and focus on what’s happening while you’re doing it, don’t rush to get to the end.

Being mindful and present will fuel you through an extra mile or one more squat. Keep your goals in mind as you sweat. Are you getting toned for an upcoming vacation? Looking to live a long life to spend time with your grandchildren? Want to feel more confident in your skinny jeans? Keeping these goals in mind is a powerful way to motivate yourself before and during your workout.

Do Anything (Even If It Seems Too Easy)

Many runners live by the mantra, “miles are miles”. It’s a reminder that doing something, even a little, is better than doing nothing. Life-long runners know it’s better to run one mile than no miles at all. So if you’re feeling stressed because you’re running out of time for your regular 45-minute workout, there’s no shame in doing a 10-minute power walk or a short set of crunches and push-ups. Not only should you be satisfied with doing a shorter or easier workout, you should celebrate it! Any time you choose something over nothing you’ve done something great for yourself. What you can accomplish, even if it’s only a little, is still an accomplishment.

Get Your Groove On

Your workout should feel like a party that’s just for you. Music is an easy and effective way to make exercise more fun. Load up your phone or iPod with music you love. Choose music that speaks to you, motivates you, and comforts you. Keep your playlist uplifting and you’ll find yourself counting the minutes until you get to work out again. As an added bonus, exercisers who listen to music during their workouts burn up to 15% more calories!

Mix It Up

Doing the same workout day in and day out is the quickest way to make exercise a chore. You need to mix it up on occasion. Normally workout alone? Try a group class or a running group. Does your go-to exercise involve a treadmill? Get outside for some hiking or trail running. Sick of your spin class? Try a workout video at home. Avoiding boredom will help keep you in love with staying active.

Put You First

How many times have you heard, “no one will love you until you love yourself”? You have to accept that you are the most important person in your life. When you get happier and healthier, the people in your life get happier and healthier. Exercise is one of the best ways to remind yourself that you matter. Mark your fitness classes on the family calendar or set an alarm for your workout on your smart phone. Practice other self-care rituals as well. Take a relaxing bath or use a body applicator by BodyApplicators.com. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your self-confidence will bloom by simply committing to take time for yourself.

One of the keys to a successful fitness regime is consistency. If you focus on making exercise fun, you’ll find yourself living an active lifestyle in no time.

Image Source: getfitwithles.wordpress.com