How Much Sleep Do You Need for Good Health

how much sleep

About 40 million American adults suffer from various sleep disorders that keep them awake for several nights a week. Sleep deprivation, a serious problem that can’t be taken lightly, not only causes daytime drowsiness but could also adversely affect one’s health and safety.

Driver fatigue for instance causes over 50,000 motor vehicle accidents per year, as stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety. Other than this, lack of sleep can cause poor memory, depression, weakened immune system, and increase in pain perception. With a weaker immune system, a person becomes more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections and diseases.

So how do you know if you’re getting enough sleep? Count the number of hours you sleep every night and check if it meets the required quota as can be found in the infographic above. Moreover, check for signs of sleep deprivation such as moodiness, irritability, apathy, slowed speech, impaired memory, short attention span and fatigue, among many others.

Sleep is indeed crucial to one’s health. It promotes proper brain function and emotional well-being. It helps the body rest and recuperate while preparing the brain for the next day by forming brand new pathways for learning and absorbing information. Make sure you get enough zzz’s every day!

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