Nature Inspired Bathroom Design

Nature Inspired Bathroom Design

Customized modern shower design combines simplicity, luxury, relaxation and comfort in one package. It brings impressive architecture into the home, upping its value and unique personality. You’ll love that there are countless ideas out there so you won’t fall short on choices. Lush Home rounds up some of the most attention-grabbing contemporary shower styles today. One that surely catches the eye is this nature inspired bathroom featured in the photo above.

When you enter a bathroom that looks like this, what do you think would be your first reaction? Most people would probably take note of the bathroom’s setting which mimics the natural beauty of outdoors. The space is surrounded with lush indoor plants that wherever you look you can see a lot of greens. This makes relaxation a cinch.

The shower design itself resembles rainfall. It’s not your usual corner shower, which is common in so many homes. This one has a shower installed in the middle part of the ceiling with an opening that contains hanging plants from above.

Near the shower is a very simple white circular tub that’s spacious enough to fit up to two people. The designer certainly did an amazing job transforming this functional room into a space that exudes in coziness and comfort and is reminiscent of what you’ll find in nature.

If you’re going to design your own bathroom and you want to get inspiration from nature as well, remember to use natural materials like wood. Consider incorporating unusual forms and shapes to give it a distinct personality. But keep it as simple as possible for you to achieve zen-like ambiance. There should be zero clutter, and the storage areas should be concealed. Go for original shower designs that would serve as stunning accents for the bathroom.

There are many different fixtures and accents that you can use to decorate the bathroom and give it a personalized touch such as horizontal showers, glass shower enclosures, solid wood panels, rainfall style showers, natural stone counters, large windows, glass walls, sliding doors, and verdant indoor plants. All these can make it appear as if the bathroom is one with nature.

Nature Inspired Bathroom Design