Organic Junk Food is Still Junk Food

The organic trap: organic junk food is still junk food

We all know junk food is bad. But most of us don’t know exactly why. Junk food, which is overloaded with fat, calories, sodium, and additives, that don’t have any nutritional value. ┬áThink doughnuts, sugary treats, processed foods, French fries, potato chips, pizza and so on. Most of these especially those you’d buy from fast food restaurants contain trans fats, which have been known to cause serious ailments.

In a 2010 Harvard study, it was shown that junk food can up the risk of heart disease. Another study, meanwhile, found that junk food can contribute to diabetes and obesity.

The negative effects of these foods go beyond the physical health. A 2009 study revealed that there’s a strong link between junk food and depression, and 2010 research indicated that children who consume junk foods before the age of 3 have lower IQs than those who do not. So what do we do? Stay away from junk food of course. Apparently, even the “organic” ones aren’t so healthy either.

The Organic Trap

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