Paramount Residence Alma by Plasma Studio

Paramount Residence Alma by Plasma Studio

This strange looking structure is a separate apartment building and extension of a holiday complex in South Tyrol village in Sesto, Italy. It is called the Paramount Residence Alma.

The architects and designers from Plasma Studio took on this project to design the independent apartment unit with slated form that seems to grow from the ground and climb up to engulf the building. It gives the illusion that the whole thing is alive and moving, but in reality it is a stationary structure.

The plan was conceived to address two issues. First, the owner of Residence Alma (a holiday complex with six apartment units built in the 1960s) wanted an area for circulation. Second, the project architect Ulla Hell was looking for a place for her young family in this part of the village.

The result was the creation of a building with an under-utilized roof space (the angular crown part) where the family could live, connected to the ground floor where the new reception area and architectural office were placed.

The crown is made of larch wood. This is the same material used in constructing the Strata Hotel located in the same area, which was also designed by Plasma Studio in 2007. The only difference is the approach to volume.

Due to the constraints posed by a multi-room hotel structure, the modules have to be distributed in a regular manner along the connecting spine. The free-flowing terraces made sure that the perceived volume was achieved.

Inside the home, the inhabitants and visitors can enjoy 360-degree views. The most spectacular of which could be seen from the central stairs, where there is a scenic view of the sky.

The primary living spaces are divided into two floors. The first floor bedrooms are located along a skylit corridor. The second floor, meanwhile has an open plan kitchen, family living room, and dining room. The family room encircles a fireplace.

All of these living spaces were designed to have direct access to the outside world through gardens and terraces. The multiple access points include the following: main entry through an internal tunnel to the nearby house, series of openings, external stairs that connect garden to the third floor terrace, and more. The dwellers are free to choose which of these is their favorite route.

Paramount Residence Alma by Plasma Studio