Places to See and Small Villages to Explore in Santa Fe

Places to See and Small Villages to Explore in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the world’s top travel destinations. Rich in history and culture, it has the third largest art market in America. With its opera, music and fine dining, Santa Fe is an eclectic place to explore. Bring your camera to capture the scenic beauty of the mountains, meadows, and cliffs. Santa Fe is also known for old Indian rituals of meditation and spirituality. You might want to stay in a hotel right in Santa Fe  or on the outskirts for something a little cheaper.

Don’t Miss Santa Fe’s Finest Attractions

One of the greatest places to visit is Santa Fe Plaza. It’s in the heart of downtown Santa Fe and billed as the community meeting ground for culture and art by the Native American vendors who sell hand-made jewelry, art, pottery, and everything in between.

Another tourist spot is the Palace of the Governors, built around 1610 as an adobe structure, where it served as the seat of the government in New Mexico for the American southwest. It is now a state museum where you can buy a ticket for $9 for a self guided tour. If you are searching for a place to stay, try the Inn of the Five Graces or the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe.

The Chapel of San Miguel–built between 1610 and 1620–claims to be the oldest church in the United States. The church was rebuilt many times over the years but its original adobe walls are still intact.

The Small Villages of Santa Fe

Seton Village, just 6 miles west of Santa Fe, is a small historic district. The Village was built around a 32 room castle by founder Ernest Thompson Seton. Though it burned down in 2005, the ruins are still visited today and have been preserved as a “contemplative garden.”

Another historic district is Barrio De Analco, which includes 7 structures of historical significance. The Santa Fe River runs along the side of Barrio De Analco. Other places to visit would be Eldorado to the south and Espanola to the north. Don’t miss one of the most impressive drives on route 578! Beginning at Espanola, you can drive towards Taos, passing through small towns with adobe structures and impressive views of the Rio Grand. This 67 mile drive tells the story of a historic past and a new future.

If you’re looking for a hotel on the affordable side of Santa Fe there are many cheap hotels just outside the downtown area. If you need help finding the least expensive travel arrangements, try the 2013 Webby Award Winner for the Best Travel Website,

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