The Risks From Smoking

smoking risks

The infographic above should be more than enough to convince you to kick the nicotine habit for good. But of course, deciding to quit and doing it effectively are two different things. Craving for the taste of tobacco or having that urge to put something in your mouth can make it a challenge for you to say goodbye to cigarettes.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! Here are some ways to help you achieve this goal:

Delaying tactics

Do you feel that urge to grab a stick and puff? Make yourself wait for 10 minutes before doing so. And while you’re waiting, do something to divert your attention. Engage in a worthwhile activity. As with kids, distraction usually works better than telling yourself “no” right away.

No to having “just one”

There’s no such thing as having just one puff or just one stick. Don’t believe yourself when you say that because this would only lead one after another, then before you know it you’re back to zero.

Keeping triggers at bay

Observe your smoking habits keenly. What are the things or situations that make you want to smoke? Do you smoke when you’re stressed? Do you smoke when you’re in parties? If possible, stay away from these triggers. If that can’t be helped, plan your way out of the triggers.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Many smokers who have succeeded in quitting would tell you that exercise is a good diversion. Physical activity not only distracts you from craving but it also diminishes the intensity of your craving.

Remember, there’s no better time to quit than right now.

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  1. Tess Goguanco Damian says:

    Those who “still” smoke don’t love their loved ones and more so – themselves. 😉