Roles and Responsibilities of Community Health Nurses

community health nurse

Community Health Nurses are nurses that work in diverse areas including the schools, child health and other management fields. There are different community health nurses that have been trained to cater for different fields.

Roles and Responsibilities of Community Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses – These nurses deals with disease prevention and treatment. They also operate from one place to another immunizing the children or may be employed in clinics that handle minor sicknesses. They also put up prevention mechanisms to avoid contagious disease infections.

Community Child Health Nurses – these nurses are trained to take care of little children. They are allowed to take care of children aged between 0-4 years old. They have skills to note any concern that the kid may have during the growth and development stage.

Community Child Health Nurses are responsible in giving various services to the kids that improve their health and ensure that they are strong. They provide antenatal and postnatal services and also breastfeeding support.

Community School Health Nurses – These nurses are located in schools and therefore deal with the school going children. Some of these nurses are assigned to primary schools whereby they look at the newly enrolled children and help them in case any need arises and also immunize them.

Some nurses are also employed in secondary schools and these nurses deal with adolescents. There are nurses who are also employed to help the kids with special needs. These nurses teach them on basic factors of life.

Parish Health Nurses – These nurses are found in churches and may operate from different parishes of the same church. Some of these nurses work on voluntary basis while others are paid. The role of these nurses is to teach health education, visit orphanage, offer counseling programs to the members of the church or may conduct Bible studies.

Rural and Remote Community Health Nurses – These nurses are found in deserts and around the coastal plains. They offer many services like immunization, Child health, deal with chronic diseases and also food issues. They promote sport games in their areas of jurisdiction too.

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What are some of the programs offered by Community Health Nurses?

Treatment – Community Health Nurses work towards treatment of various diseases. They operate from clinics and health centers which enables them to interact with the patients and administer medication to them.

Prevention – The community Health Nurses also pass information about prevention of diseases. They do this by teaching the community the dangers of contracting some diseases that can be prevented. Some of these diseases they pass the information about are the sexually transmitted diseases. To reach out to many members of the community, the nurses may hold meetings or issue fliers to reach out to people. They also give free condoms to the members of the community as prevention measures.

Education – Education is the vital role that community health nurses play. They ensure that the members of the community are aware of risks that may be experienced from ignorance. They therefore move from one local school to the next with an aim of passing knowledge to the students.