Small Eco Friendly Mobile Home

Small Eco Friendly Mobile Home

Many people are still struggling financially these days that even though they’d really want to have their own place, they have no choice but to rent. Renting isn’t practical in the long run not only because it’s expensive but also because it’s like you’re throwing your money away.

And it would surely be a nice to live in a traditional home with enough bedrooms, guestroom, den, garage and office. It would be a dream to have your own garden and play area for your little ones. But for those who can’t afford the hefty cost of building a house, a small mobile home can be your next best option.

Macy Miller, an architect based in Idaho, also dreamed to have her own house but did not want anything to do with a 30-year mortgage. So instead of spending a lot of money hiring a contractor, she decided to design her own home. This gave birth to this tiny 196 square foot mobile home that’s built on a trailer bed measuring 24 foot long and 8 foot wide. The trailer is meant for maximum mobility.

And look at this house, don’t you just love its beautiful design? It even has a mini patio on the side to welcome guests before they come inside. There are two entrances, one on the side (the one with the patio) and the other is in front

But don’t think that this tiny home is too small to meet Miller’s needs. In fact, it has everything she needs to live comfortably, including a composting toilet, a four-burner stove and oven, electric radiant heat system, and more. The siding of the house is made from repurposed old wood pallets. It’s hard to believe but this house only set her back for $12,000.

This house isn’t for solo living. It’s spacious enough to accommodate a small family. While building her home, Miller met and fall in love with a man, who eventually became her husband. She and her husband now have one child. She is on the way for their second child. They’re both very happy living in this quaint but homey, comfortable and roomy house that has made them mortgage free. Who wouldn’t want that right?

In today’s day and age, it pays to be smart, resourceful and practical. While it’s nice to have a big house with many rooms, that would be to no avail if it would only put you under a lot of debt.

Small Eco Friendly Mobile Home