The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike


Exercising is an integral part of physical and mental well-being. Exercise could mean different things to different people. To some it means, spending hours in the gym, to others it’s running every morning or taking part in a sport they love. Most people don’t have the time to go to the gym on a regular basis or set aside time every day to perform aerobics. Trying to fit out these workouts in an already hectic schedule is impossible for most people.

That’s why alternatives such as an electric bike that can be added to the day to day routine are a great choice. Electric biking is accepted in major cities. You can take your bike to work and enjoy the daily workout while having fun all the way. Let’s look at some major benefits of an electric bike.

Workout with no sweat


An electric bike is something that you can use for your commute to work every morning. The fact that you don’t have to cycle all the way means that you won’t sweat in the morning on your way to work. An electric bike is perfectly set to cover the average distance to and from work with a single charge. You can go up to 20 miles with the battery fully charged. Just in case you run out of the charge, you can still pedal it like a regular bike. Some bikes are designed with a special feature that charges the battery. Electric bikes work more or less like exercise bikes only that they move.

Boost muscle strength

An electric bike can give you a good workout that strengthens your muscles. It works more or less like the regular bike as you pedal moving the muscles in different directions which is a great form of exercise. You may put on the electric bike on your way to work then pedal as you go back home. Find a modern electric bike that has a motor but also allows you to pedal. Pedaling is important because it helps work on the leg muscles. You also enjoy a bit of aerobic exercise by pedaling on your electric bike.

Electric bikes are lightweight

Compared to most regular bikes, electric bikes weigh much lighter. You don’t have to think of extra storage space when you get the electric bike. Some bikes can weigh as little as 40 Ibis. Most electric bikes are just as light as mountain bikes. Some modern designs are even foldable so you can easily tuck it in a closet in your garage or office.

Today’s electric bikes have numerous features that make them very practical. This could be the best alternative to using a car or subway every morning going to work or school. Just make sure you pick a suitable electric bike for your needs. Remember there are so many different options out there depending on your needs and lifestyle. Consider issues like the battery life and motor when choosing an electric bike locally.

Maggie Martin is Ph.D. in Cell Biology graduate. She is very passionate about healthy living and has been writing about Food and Healthy Lifestyles. When she is not busy, she takes interest in a variety of things such as lifestyle, exercise, food, health, and herbal medicine. Follow her on Twitter @Maggiemartink