Three Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable When an Elderly Relative Comes to Live with You

Three Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable When an Elderly Relative Comes to Live with You

If you have an elderly family member who can no longer safely live in their own home, then you may prefer them to come and live with you rather than needing to go into a nursing home. Often, elderly people much prefer to be among their family and to ask them for help with things they have begun to find difficult than to need the assistance of professionals, as it allows them to keep some of their independence, privacy and dignity.

Of course, a home that is perfectly comfortable for you and your current household may need some minor adjustments to make it more suitable for someone elderly, who may have mobility problems. Here are three adaptations you can make to things in your home to make the transition to living there much easier for your older family member.

A Stairlift

If you have stairs, it is important to make sure they won’t cause problems for your relative. Even if you can make it so that they don’t need to go upstairs by having their bedroom and a bathroom downstairs, it is still nicer if they don’t feel like the rest of the house is inaccessible to them – after all you want them to feel happy and at home. Stairlifts can be a good way to make getting up and down the stairs possible and painless, and they can be easy to install. Unless you have very unusual stair dimensions you can often find them second hand or refurbished at a good price, too, so it need not be a big added expense.

Remote Control Window Opening

Modifying things like windows and skylights so that they can be opened and closed by remote control can make living in your home far more comfortable for an elderly person, who may feel the effects of a room being too stuffy or there being a draft more than you do, but may find it hard to physically get up and open or close things. Companies like can provide remote control opening and closing mechanisms for most kinds of windows, and this can make a big difference (as well as being more convenient for you to use, too).

Bath or Shower Access

Your elderly relative will probably want to bathe and shower without assistance for as long as possible, and fitting things like a shower seat or a bath lift can make this possible. Even if they already need someone to help them with keeping clean, having easier access into the bath or shower makes this much simpler. What you’ll need to do will depend on your current arrangements – with a walk in shower for example just a handrail or a fold down seat can be enough, whereas with a tub you may need a lift.

There are lots of ways you can make your home more ‘senior proof’, but these three simple changes are a very good way to make everything easier on your new house guest!

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