Treat Canker Sores With Natural Remedies

Treat Canker Sores With Natural Remedies

Oh, those tiny ulcers inside the mouth that want to make you scream. Canker sores make you wonder how something so tiny can be so painful. These shallow ulcers come in two types: simple canker sores (occurring three to four times a year, lasting for about a week) and complex canker sores (a lot less common but appear more in people who’ve previously had them).

No one knows until now what exactly is causing this problem. Tissue injury, stress, and certain foods like citrus fruits are believed to cause simple canker sores. Fortunately, these painful ulcers can be prevented. Reduce frequency by avoiding foods that irritate the mouth, and make sure that you brush your teeth everyday to get rid of food debris that might trigger the onset of a canker sore.

Treat Canker Sores

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