Tropical Modern Luxury Design

Tropical Modern Luxury Design

Just a stone’s throw away from the ocean shore is the Ettley residence, a wonderful addition to the string of luxury beach homes in Los Angeles. Overall design is by a California-based architectural firm called Studio 9one2, which sought to explore the relationship between “solid and voids” in creating a home that exudes in tropical modern luxury.

The architects got inspiration from the natural landscape as evident in how “aluminum and wood umbrella over the blue glass, which appear to be blocks of frozen blue Pacific ocean, juxtapose against the solid wood boxes giving an appearance of a modern seaside sculpture”.

The stunning house has three levels. The basement is composed of a private gym, family room and guest room. The first level is a three-car garage and three en-suite bedrooms. The second floor has the dining room and living room, which are connected by a glass bridge.

All the floors enjoy the luxury of space. While the designers kept things minimal, the house doesn’t fall short on comfortable furniture to make it so easy for the dwellers to kick back and relax.

To make the design fresh and original, the architects constructed a vertical bamboo garden surrounded by wooden slats that stand tall to provide privacy in the living room and master suite. It radiates a zen like atmosphere that goes perfectly with the rich natural materials used in constructing the house.

Another interesting facet of this house are the glass walls that let natural light inside. It brings the wonderful warmth of the sun into the home while keeping it open to the gorgeous views.

The floors meanwhile are light in color to reflect luminescence while dark wood details on the furniture, cupboards and windowpanes provide a striking contrast. The result is a well-balanced tone and color motif.

While most luxury houses have glass windows and doors to provide exquisite views, this one has a master suite in the mid level front that’s built with a glass floor sitting area. Right below is a reflecting pond and garden. This means that when you’re inside this suite, wherever you look, you’ll find a captivating sight.

Studio 9one2 is known for creating gorgeous houses with tropical modern designs. Most of its beach houses have inverted design with the living area located at the top level to maximize the ocean vista. And this beautiful Ettley Residence is one of them.

Tropical Modern Luxury Design